Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm a brand new blogger!

Hi everybody you probably know that it's my first time bloggin'. So my paragraphs will be shorter then yours.

my step dad is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
Well as you probably know my mom has her own blog. And sometimes she writes about my step dad. Other than me and some of my friends he is the craziest guy I know. My mom is the creator of operation shrink charlies big butt.Yep, I am marker man. Some of you might know me, you know who you are. Anyway my step dad is so crazy that he rips off his shirt and swings it around. Yeah, he's that crazy! I laugh.

about me
 Well they call me vitamin boy because I ate a lot vitamins.
They call me marker man because I once drew all over myself!

the great lizard

Also there is a new member in my family, and he's a lizard. His name is Cap'n McBeardypants, or Beardy for short. I plan to do a lot of stuff with him.

Oh and by the way I am trying to get 100 views on my blog by next month so tell your friends!